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Friday, 16 July 2010

Need a Web Designer in Reading?

Four Reasons to Choose Jon from inframes

My commitments to my clients:

First, I offer a very personal service. I might not create every bit of your website myself, but I will be available to you on the end of the 'phone any time to talk about your website and I'll be very happy to give you free advice about anything from domain name registration to search engine optimisation. If I'm not around when you call, I'll call you back at the soonest possible opportunity, guaranteed.

Second, I don't tout a selection of website packages and try to squeeze your organisation into one of them. My clients come from such diverse fields as travel, molecular biology supplies, photography, ticket sales and IT consultancy, so I have to address the needs of each of those businesses individually. In your case, perhaps you're trying to promote your organisation to find new customers, or enable better communication with existing customers, or both. Or perhaps something else entirely. But I wouldn't presume to tell you what sort of website you need until we've had a chance to talk about your aims.

Third, I will be available for after-sales service every bit as eagerly as I am before your cheque clears. However, I try to put myself out of a job to the extent that I recommend you take control of your website once I've finished with it. I don't consider it good customer service if you have to keep coming back to me every time you need to change a telephone number or update details of a forthcoming event. So, depending on the resources you have available, I'd deliver you a website that you can maintain yourself. And if you want to expand and develop it further, you'll know where to find me.

Fourth, I take internet security very seriously. Hacking is a very real problem and sloppy code can make it very easy for even a semi-competent hacker to get to your customes' private contact details. I won't allow that to happen.