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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

An SEO Success Story


Each week in our BNI lunchtime meeting, I am expected to get up and tell other members and visitors a little bit about my work in a sixty second snapshot.

If you want to find out a bit more about our weekly meetings, skip to the bottom of this page.

Here's what I had to say this week:

"My name is Jon Ewing and I am from ltd, a website design and development company from Reading established in 1999.

"You should refer business to me because I build websites that succeed in the Google rankings.

"This week I’d like to talk about one of those successes – Heart to Home, a website selling quality kitchen and dining room linens which last year was all but invisible on Google.

"After completely rebuilding the site, in collaboration with graphic designer Jon Baverstock from Studio 18, Heart to Home has shot up the rankings. If you search Google for a 'carrier bag holder' you’ll find Heart to Home on the third page of the listings; and you’ll see them on the all-important page one when you search for 'check apron'.

"These results were achieved within a month without any formal, structured search engine optimisation programme – simply by following a few simple rules during the creation of the site.

"Next week a great referral for me would be a company that sells cotton clothing or anything made from fabric, either retail or wholesale.

"So please find me a company that needs new material for their fabric website and send them to inframes dot cotton... er, I mean dot com."

What's BNI?

I am currently the Membership Coordinator at a growing new chapter of the BNI business networking group and we're looking for other Reading-based small business professionals to refer business to.

We meet between 12pm and 2pm on Wednesdays. If you'd like to come along to a lunch, please drop me a line or give me a call.

There's absolutely no commitment required – you just pay for the cost of lunch at Shehnai - and you'll have a chance to meet existing members and other visitors, introduce your business and of course hand out business cards.