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Monday 18 February 2013

6 things that can help your Google ranking

6 things that can help your Google ranking
For many businesses, getting good positioning on Google isn't that hard. If you have a great website, Google wants it to be at the top.

It's true - that's how Google got where it is today: by reliably providing useful results, day in day out. That's why you use it. And that's why, if your website is going to make it anywhere near the top of page one, it needs to earn that accolade.

Some of the factors that can help are:

1. Content - the more, the better
2. Keywords - whenever you write something, try to include words that you think people might be searching for and repeat them as much as possible without being gratuitous. Repeat the same words, in the same order, in four key areas: title tag, meta description tag, h1 heading and body text
3. Links to your website - from other relevant, quality but (obviously) non-competing sites
4. Customer reviews on Google places
5. Longevity - stick with it and it will come!
6. File names - including your domain name

Better search engine positioning - and of course the concomitant customer enquiries - will come if you work on your content and promote your site.
And remember, the home page is arguably the most important of all the pages and you should endeavour to make good use of key words that people are likely to be searching for. But of course you must always strike a balance between on the one hand being found and, on the other, writing something that will be informative and appealing to readers once they have found you.