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Friday, 20 May 2011

Importing Contacts to SmarterMail

Yes, you can import data into SmarterMail from other email software!

Here's how you import a list of contacts:

1. Log in using the credentials provided.

SmarterMail login screen

2. Click the Contacts icon

SmarterMail Contacts

3. From the Actions menu choose Import/Export, then Import

SmarterMail Import Contacts

4. You'll see this "File to Upload" box:

SmarterMail Upload Contacts File

5. Click "Browse" and locate your contacts file, which ought to be in CSV format

SmarterMail Browse to Contacts File

6. Click "Next"

SmarterMail Import Contacts File

7. You'll be prompted to match up the fields in your file to the fields in SmarterMail – you might want to select "ignore" for some of them as I've done here – then click "Next" again:

SmarterMail Import Contacts - Match Fields

8. You might be prompted to clarify or "skip" one or two of the items in your list – otherwise, that's it, you've finished and the contacts will be imported in no time.