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Friday, 17 February 2012

Cheap Domain Renewals

I feel well and truly ripped off today.

But I also feel like I have put my money where my mouth is, which is something of a consolation.

For a few years I used UK Domains (which was latterly purchased by Names Co) for purchasing domain names and handling DNS management and they provided a pretty good service, but now I feel a mug when I compare their prices to 123-reg.

I just had a renewal reminder from Names Co telling me that needs to be renewed at the end of March. The cost? £19.99 + VAT for two years.

So I am transferring my domain to 123-reg. Transferring a domain to 123-reg is free and when the renewal date comes along, they charge £2.99 per year + VAT.

When I renewed the Spa Deluxe domain in October last year, Names Co only charged me £9.99 + VAT for two years, so the price has doubled in the meantime and it was already more expensive than 123-reg!

What a liberty!

To add insult to injury, Names Co have charged me £10.00 + VAT to transfer my domain to 123-reg!

But the joke's on them because even taking their £10 fee into account, I will still save money on my next renewal at the end of March.

Free domain transfers
Yes! Transferring your domain to 123-reg really is free - or it would be if those skinflints at Names Co didn't charge me £10 to transfer it from their wicked clutches.

So don't be a mug if you get a renewal notification for a domain. If you are paying more than a tenner for two years then move it to 123-reg.